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How To Make 40 Breaks, and How To Make 100 Breaks:
The tried & tested system that gives you the foundation for 40 breaks, and skills & practice routines needed to get to 100 breaks.


“Nic’s coaching and knowledge on psychology, technique and shot making helped my game and I learned a lot. Who knows – with all the help from this book you might become good enough to turn professional yourself one day…”
Ding Junhui.


Receive a workbook by post, plus access to 82 online videos and progress sheets.

Covering 350 pages, 50 diagrams and 60 online videos, the workbook is split into 7 coloured certification levels from Red to Black – which all provide a variety of exercises in the 7 key disciplines of snooker:

  1. Technique
  2. General Knowledge
  3. Sraight Pots & Long Pots
  4. Break Building
  5. Safety Play
  6. Matchplay & Psychology
  7. Black Ball Skills

Here are just some of the unique benefits exclusive to The Snooker Gym Ltd that come with this system:

  1. Easy to understand progression through each level.
  2. The latest techniques from the world of psychology.
  3. Everything is covered in this programme.It is a “one stop shop” for anyone who wants to know how to pass the 100 barrier or simply beat your highest break whatever it is.

Who is Nic Barrow to teach me ‘How To Make A 100 Break™’?

Nic, a professional for eight years where he reached the world’s top 100, has himself made 100’s of 100 breaks.

More importantly, he has also taught more than 2,000 people these very same skills throughout a ten year international coaching career.

Nic, I have got coaching books by Joe Davis, but I have gone totally over to using yours. Your simple techniques have saved me years of backpedalling – thanks a lot.
Alan Buckingham, Australia.

The Middle East Under 18s Champion Ali Bufaroosha in 2002 used this exact system to go from never having picked up a cue in 1999 to a Gold Medal performance in three short years.

Hussein Mahmoud, from Bahrain, also used the system to help him achieve a Gold Medal in the 2008 Gulf Under 21 Championships.

Snooker Training pic 2 snooker break Training

Above from left:
Certification students of the Nic Barrow Snooker School in High Wycombe 1999, Ali Bufaroosha of the United Arab Emirates receiving the Gulf Snooker Championship Under 21’s trophy and gold medal from Qatari royalty in 2002 and Nic Barrow’s adult certification students in Iran in 2002.

The first person in the world to take our brand new coaching product: Takao Kurimoto of Japan, during the IBSF World Championships in Hyderabad India in Novemeber 2009, receives the first signed copy of: ‘How To Make A 100 Break’

Snooker Training

matthew scarborough

Here is The Snooker Gym’s first customer in the world who learnt ‘How To Make a 100 Break’ directly after having purchased his copy. Read the interesting story of New Zealand’s Matthew Scarborough below… which will prove to you that the first step of 100 miles (or 100 break!) is simply the decision to commit, go ahead and just do it now…

Last week I told you my highest break was 86. Well a funny thing happened on the evening of the day I paid for your book ‘How to make a 100 break’. I was playing a snooker colleague in the local club and I managed to knock in a 110 …. could have been 137 but I missed position from black to yellow. Coincidence? I hadn’t even read a page of your book! I’m quite wrapped (pleased) actually because it means I’ll get my name on the honours board of the club under the 100-break makers.
Matthew Scarborough,New Zealand

How each certification level is structured within the printed study manual

From the desk of Nic Barrow,
Sunday, November22nd, 2013

Each of the seven certification levels in How To Make A 100 Break™ programme includes required practices, drills, tests and a coach’s evaluation.

It is the system that the International Billiards & Snooker Federation use to give their players certificates and now you have a chance to use their very same programme!

There are seven levels of achievement (Red through to Black) that each contain a workbook approximately 50 pages long.

All the exercises at the Red level certification workbook start at the absolute basics of the game, and in each level the exercises get gradually more and more advanced.

The smoothness of the steps between each level and across each practice have been refined and proven over eight years applying, testing and refining this system when I was Head Coach of the UAE and Bahrain National & Junior Teams.

However, just because you are an accomplished player does not mean you will not learn anything from the red level – in fact you can use it to refresh your basics and general technique to give you a very solid foundation to imporve your game to never befroe seen levels.

The methods of learning include question & answer, exercise diagrams, timed or general assignments, sighting tests, psychology drills and watching DVD clips from The Snooker Gym DVD Series to fully illustrate the points required. Overall, about 42 scenes from The Snooker Gym DVD Series are referenced in The Snooker Gym Training System.

Format of the IBSF Certified ‘How To Make A 100 Break’ programme:

During every one of the How To Make A 100 Break workbooks (which start at the ‘Red Certificate’ and finish at the ‘Black Certificate’ – by which time you will be a very solid century break player in every area of your game), there are the seven areas of the game you will be working on in each of these levels.

It is this wide ranging attention to every department of the game that allows players to improve so quickly on the correct path… because every aspect of their game is taken into account and given an ‘audit’ to check everything starts from and continues in the correct place.

  1. Technique
  2. General Knowledge
  3. Sraight Pots & Long Pots
  4. Break Building
  5. Safety Play
  6. Matchplay & Psychology
  7. Black Ball Skills

I have created some samples for you to have a look at below. All you need to do is click on each image to see the detailed version.

When you have already purchased and downloaded the ebook in PDF format you will be able to view all of the practices in even larger format – even going up to full screen if you wish to inspect the ball positions in more detail or read the instructions more clearly.

These are the type of snooker practice routines you will see in other products from The Snooker Gym, but there are over forty of these completely unique exercises exclusive to The Snooker Gym Training System that we are discussing here.

snooker coaching 1 snooker coaching 2 snooker coaching 3 snooker coaching 4] snooker coaching 5 snooker coaching 6

This course is an amalgam of all the various ideas I have gleaned throughout the years.

I have put it all into one structured format that will lead any student from the very beginnings of the game as far as he or she would like to go in all the key basics of the game that will provide the platform for enjoyable ongoing improvement.

Even in the unlikely event that you have passed the standard required for the black certification level (The Snooker Gym Black Belt!), you will still be giving your game a thorough workout to go back through all the levels.

My experience is that most advanced players who do this end up beating their own highest break not only for this year but for their whole life.

By the time you have reached the black certificate level in this system, you will be well into century break standard. More importantly, you will have the corresponding level of ability and insight into all areas of snooker.

This will provide you with the structure of knowledge and skill that will support you for life in reaching the very top of the game if you choose to do so.

After you have made the purchase then you will have:

    1. Received a receipt by email…
    2. Received a link, username & password to the exclusive video page where you will be able to view the 60 course videos…
    3. Have joined the ever expanding global community of snooker enthusiasts who join you in…

Improving Your Game,
From Every Angle™

Previously priced at £100 plus a £19.95 monthly fee, this entire programme is now available for a one off payment of £50 plus shipping – with no monthly fee.

E Version: you can also save money by buying the online version which gives you the programme in downloadable files and online video: The E Version costs £24.95 with no extra shipping or monthly fees.

Nic Barrow’s 1,000% Satisfaction Guarantee:
If you do not feel that the benefits to your game /
the time you saved from finding these answers yourself…

…from this product will be 10 times (1,000%) more than
the value of your money & time for buying & using it…
…then please return it for a full refund within 60 days.
Sincerely, Nic Barrow