Snooker Lessons

Snooker Lessons

Advantages of the facilities with Nic Barrow’s TSG Academy in Milton Keynes:

Here is a quick clip showing the twin training table set up at The Snooker Gym Academy:

Training CAN ALSO be held in your own club, home or country.

• It is totally private and secluded from the rest of the club, which means we have:

  • Peace: There is no foot traffic coming through the room
  • Quiet: There is no noise from TVs or other members
  • Privacy: There are no prying eyes to stare at what we are doing.

• You will have the best training environment available: I have spent well over £5,000 refurbishing the room using ideas I have seen in the best training rooms I have visited in 49 countries.

• You will have a professional video archive of what we do, with each topic split into a separate video clip for ease of future reference. The idea being to double the value of the session by allowing you to take it away with you.

I have also invested around £10,000 or so on getting broadcast quality cameras, microphones, and lighting to give the perfect training experience and video archive of what you do for future reference: this service in unique in snooker.

Here is an example clip of one topic:

• You will have access to all the best training toys that money can buy – whatever your game needs, there will be a camera, video analysis tool, or coaching toy to suit.

·You will also have use of our three problem solving products which

· The training, like a tailor made suit, is totally bespoke to your game, your faults, and your aspirations.

The VIP Training Process:

•  Upon booking your first session I will personally issue you with 2 hours of Video training to watch before we meet – they cover a lot of the topics and concepts we will work on together.

 These videos dramatically increase the value you get from our training time as you will be familiar with so much information in advance.

 Many players say the Free VIP Video doubles the work we can get through in the first session.

•  The first training day begins with a friendly conversation to clarify your objectives before we get onto the table

•  The training itself starts with me observing, listing, and prioritising all the parts of your game which could improve. We then work on each point in sequence, moving to the next when you comfortably understand and can apply each topic or exercise…

•  You will then take away an understanding of your own unique set of playing characteristics and technical requirements – as well as an improved ability to self diagnose, self correct, and get out of ruts…

•  Being able to unravel the combination lock to your game should increase your enjoyment over time…

One of the biggest motivators for clients to come through my door is the sheer frustration of being inconsistent. 99% of the time, the cause is completely hidden from the player as they can only see in front of their eyes - whereas all the causation happens behind the eyes, invisible to the player.

In addition, EVEN IF players are aware of ‘faults’ then these are only ever the SYMPTOMS of their causes. For example, lifting one’s head on the shot is often due to the position of one of your feet being suboptimal - getting to that awareness would be one thing, knowing how to undo the Rubik’s cube and come up with a suggestion that is optimised for you is quite another. I have taken almost 40 years of my life to work all this out for you firstly in my own game, and then tested it in thousands of players to date.

The Training Experience:

At The Snooker Gym, we adopt a scientific, measurable way to diagnose your problems and prescribe your solutions.

The teaching is structured, facilitated with scientific explanation and demonstration.

Having played at professional standard, I can also demonstrate anything that is worked on in the session. I am not an ex player who thinks I can coach – but I do this full time as my living.

My clients have described my coaching style with the following words and phrases:

Knowledgeable, patient, professional, humorous, considered, breaking everything down, humble/not arrogant, delivered with a personal touch, and not salesy.

To accelerate your progress within the session, I also spent around £30,000 getting certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, and various personal development trainings to give me the requisite training skills.

If you want to learn to play the game in the right way, then invest once and remember it forever. You will then have reset your hard drive and taken away the guesswork from your game.

Despite some player’s fears, I do not feel I am too good to help even an absolute beginner (because I was there once in my game), and won’t force you to put your videos onto YouTube…

While I have a good track record working with top professionals, international federations, and training commentators from abroad, my main passion is helping players like you to improve your game.

Before I stop coaching, why not book at least one session help you uncover every stone in your game.

Training Package Options:

From 1 or 2 hour sessions, to half or full days, the 5 Day Masterclass certification, or the ultimate 12 month Platinum Partner Programme (minimum 6 coaching sessions, 6 Skype calls, and weekly email accountability)…. there will be a package for you with me at The Snooker Gym Milton Keynes – or with one of my level 2 coaches dotted around England and the rest of the world.

To get a tailored recommendation answered by me personally, please enter your details below to get an instant personalised player profile by email.

This will take 5 minutes to complete, and I will respond to that myself with some suggestions on whether we are a good fit to work together or whether another coach would be better suited to your needs.

The Snooker Gym Academy Facilities

(Click on these pictures below to get an interactive 360 view)

Main Training Room

The Two Rooms

Match Room (second training room)