123’s DVD Online Version: Snooker Basics


The 1.2.3.'s Of Snooker…

Learn Snooker Techniques in a single 60 minute Snooker DVD!

With this official IBSF Coaching DVD, you have snooker lessons in the 8 main areas of the game:

1.)   Technique

2.)   Cueing Skills

3.)   What To Do Before, During & After The Shot

4.)   Aiming – straight pots, angled pots, side spin, eye movements

5.)   Cue Ball Control – straight shots, angled shots

6.)   Shot Making – safety, long pots, break building, cushion shots, plants, snooker escapes, rest play, swerve shots

7.)   Psychology

8.)  Three Bonus Points…



The 1.2.3.’s Of Snooker…

Learn Snooker Techniques in a single 60 minute Snooker DVD!
With this official IBSF Coaching DVD,

you have snooker lessons in the 8 main areas of the game:

1.)   Technique

2.)   Cueing Skills

3.)   What To Do Before, During & After The Shot

4.)   Aiming – straight pots, angled pots, side spin, eye movements

5.)   Cue Ball Control – straight shots, angled shots

6.)   Shot Making – safety, long pots, break building, cushion shots, plants, snooker escapes, rest play, swerve shots

7.)   Psychology

8.)  Three Bonus Points…


Split up into a total of 36 scenes.

Each scene details the top 3 tips you need to perform at your best in that part of the game – which makes 108 mini snooker lessons in all…

The 123s Of Snooker was filmed on the final morning of the Asian Snooker Championships by GEO TV with a crew of 5 professional cameramen and 9 technicians.

In all, they spent 3 hours capturing the 108 mini snooker lessons from the script I had been thinking about and planning for the previous 3 years.

You can watch 3 sample snooker lessons directly below from the DVD. (The video size and image quality here is deliberately much less than it is on the DVD. This is to make the videos play more quickly and easily here on your computer…)


1. Finding The Perfect Stance Position For You


2. Cueing Drills Guaranteed To Improve Your Game


3. How To Aim And Pot A Ball When Using Side Spin

If you would like to know even more about the DVD, and the 3 bonus’s for early purchase,

Then here are full details of the snooker coaching lessons you get from ‘The 123’s Of Snooker’:

First though, I have a confession to make:

I used to bite my cue out of frustration because I could not make a 20 break.

These snooker lessons are the most important points I learned on my path through 30 breaks, 50’s, 80’s, 100’s and eventually my first 147…



1.) Bridge Hand

Get to know how ‘The Starfish’, ‘The Lift’, and ‘The Squeeze’ work together for you to have the bridge hand that works as well as the professionals…

2.) Grip Hand

Know how best to start and complete the formation of the ideal grip hand.

You also get to see the best shape of grip that most of the professionals use – and how you can easily do the same.

3.) Cue Under Chin

You learn here how and where to place the cue relative to the chin as you get down and when on the shot.

You are also shown a drill on how to test your aiming with the ideal chin position.

4.) Bridge Arm Position

Learn the best (AND the worst) way to distribute your weight across the bridge arm. In addition, the ideal angles of the bridge hand to the arm and of the arm to the cue are revealed.

5.) Walking Into Shot

Here, you learn how the three main ‘feet of the stance tripod’ are best placed to give you the perfect set up position to the shot.

The simplest way of achieving this position is also revealed.

6.) Stance Position

Going into the specifics of the stance here, the top three variables in finding your own unique and perfect stance set up are covered here.

The beauty of this method is that you are able to find a stance position more suited to you than any coach or manual can show you.

One of my clients in the UK told me this after we went through the same 5 minute routines I share on this clip:

For many years I have had pain in my knees when playing snooker. After Nic’s 5 minute routine, all this pain simply disappeared! I feel I have got a new pair of knees put in and am ready to run a marathon!”  – Dave C, Milton Keynes.

7.) Stance Check

When looking from behind and side on, what are the three checks that you or your coach must look out for to confirm your stance is most effective for you?

This clip tells you in two minutes….



8.) Cueing Drills

Discover the most important part of improving your game in this section….

I also share the three most important drills I have ever discovered for helping any player increase their cue control.

The snooker lesson is then rounded off with two great simple little tests you can use to help you apply the lessons learned…

9.) Cueing Rules

There are three rules that almost all the top professionals apply to their cue actions.

Whilst discovering these rules here will help you understand how best to control your own cue – it doesn’t necessarily mean you will suddenly start playing as well as Stephen Hendry!

10.) Cueing Qualities (The Three S’s)

There are three overall qualities that great cue actions can be described with.

With these three words in your armoury, you will find it much easier in pressure situations to cue straight and to deliver a good performance under pressure.

11.) Pause, Backswing, Strike

Be the envy of your playing friends, colleagues and competitors with the inside knowledge on the best way to handle the endgame (and most important part) of the cue action.

Armed with these skills, you will be able to tease them all with your new found skill – and pick and choose who to share this information with…

(Hint: you can charge a lot for it if you like, because it is THAT valuable to most players. I have often found this skill to be the last door a player needs to open to be able to really start feeling like they are controlling the cue like a pro).



12.) Pre Shot Planning

After this lesson you will know, when & why all top players plan their shots.

Some of them apply this skill unconsciously – but they apply it nevertheless.

You simply cannot be without this vital piece of snooker intelligence if you want to perform anywhere near your best…

13.) Purpose Of Cueing

Knowing what the purpose of cueing IS (and more importantly what the purpose of cueing is NOT) will remove so much doubt from your mind, and save you so much time from needless experimentation with your cue action.

This snooker lesson alone will save you so much time in the future that I am sure the whole price of the disc you have paid will be earned here many times over.

14.) Eye Movements

Out of all the confusion with my clients, this is top of the list.

Yet this part of the game is so simple. In fact, I would like to let you into a little secret here – the reason this DVD contains so much value is not because of what is contained in the 60 minutes, but what it will STOP you from doing.

My goal was to produce a disc that would STOP you making the 101 other mistakes that you would otherwise go round and round in circles making.

I myself have made all these mistakes and seen thousands of my clients making them too (but obviously only BEFORE they came to see me!)

I found this so frustrating as a player and a coach on behalf of my players that I resolved to present this disc in a way that you can see how SIMPLE the game really is.

Yes – I did say that snooker is SIMPLE.

It is not EASY, but it is SIMPLE.

After all, the best players in the world could not play with a 20 second average shot time if what they did was not simple, could they?

My experience with my students is that they have listened to so many pieces of conflicting advice that they simple do not know what to do anymore.

In my experience of going from a player who used to bite my cue out of frustration because I could not make 20, to making a 147 eight years later, it was the irrelevant information that fell away from me that had the most positive impact on my game.

I now realise that I actually HAD most of the information I needed at the earlier stages in my game, but just didn’t know how to separate that from the nonsense that was harming my game.

Stripping all that out helped me focus only on the key fundamentals – which also made it easier to know if I was not applying them.

This made it MUCH easier to diagnose why I was not playing well – and I eventually stopped leaving bite marks on my cue too!

15.) Post Shot Discipline

Many people say to me that ‘once the shot has been played, it doesn’t matter what you do’. Quite the opposite is true in fact.

Here, and in the next lesson, I break down exactly why this is so and how best to apply a consistent way of finishing the shot.

After this lesson, you will feel much more closely what the professionals feel when they are at the table – and understand why they do what they do after the shot…

16.) Post Shot Routine

To improve at your game as quickly as is possible, there are three points to notice after the shot has happened to maximize your learning of every shot.

Are you applying these or not?

Watch this lesson to find out!



17.) Aiming Tests

Frustration happens for players most in the subjects of aiming and sighting.

This aiming tests included here are still what I use to check whether I am aiming correctly or not.

If I have gone slightly off perfect aiming, these will help me get that back within minutes – and have done so for plenty of my clients of ALL standards too…

all the way from beginners to professionals.

18.) Aiming Theory

This 3 minute lesson will help you forever put away your doubts on how to aim the wide variety of angled balls in snooker.

An aiming test is one thing, as in the previous snooker coaching lesson, but how do you apply a correct aiming skill to all the different angles?

Should you ‘aim at half ball / quarter ball etc and remember those angles?’

Should you ‘ look at the shadows / light reflections in the ball?’

(Hint: most club players will disagree with the answer!)

Watch this snooker lesson to discover the simple way to aim effectively…

19.) Does Side Spin Effect The Direction Of The Object Ball, Or Not?!

This biggest misconception in positional play concerns this topic.

Not having the correct opinion here makes it IMPOSSIBLE for many players to get past the highest break range of 20 to 60.

This lesson coaches you on the snooker science that will forever put this vital piece of snooker knowledge in your control.

You will then be able to pick and choose who you tell this too depending on whether they are your friend or enemy!

With the correct knowledge in hand here, though, you will be on the foundation for controlling the cue ball properly – and more importantly always increasing your knowledge and experience of cue ball control.

This would be because you would know why the cue ball reacted the way it did on every single shot – drastically increasing your learning and improvement rate.

20.) Aiming With Side Spin

Would you like to be able to pot the toughest of all pots in snooker – the one that even the best of the best find tough?

With this lesson, you will be able to do just that…

Giving you the way of approaching and practicing this shot, you will be able to go away and practice for a few minutes to discover how easy this really can be.



21.) Positional Play – Straight Pots

The foundation of all you need to master positional play – straight shots.

After learning the lessons here, you will begin to get a handle on the 6 rules for perfect positional play that take all world champions to the peak of success.

You will also be able to do better with the cue ball against your friends and practice partners in the club.

My experience is that students who learn these lessons often draw comments and questions from their friends about how they are controlling the cue ball so much better…

22.) Positional Play – Angled Pots

With angled pots, there is one more utterly crucial element to your positional play armory.

This element is also the most often understood in players below 80 break standard.

Get the secret here…



23.) Safety Shots

90% of safety accuracy comes from…? The answer is revealed here…

In addition, you will discover the 3 elements to diagnosing how to learn from every safety shot you ever play.

Without this observation after every shot, it is impossible to improve your safety as quickly as possible…

24.) Break Off Shot

Out of all safety shots, the break off shot is the one that carries the most misconceptions in snooker – even by some professionals.

The 3 key points of a professional style break off shot are taught here – even more confidential information that you can use to your advantage in a club and tournament environment.

25.) Long Pots

If you could learn the few simple ways that professionals check their long potting skills, would you be interested?

All is revealed in this two minute snooker lesson…

In addition, you will discover the 4 elements to diagnosing how to learn from every long shot you ever play.

Without this observation after every shot, it is impossible to improve your long potting as quickly as possible…

26.) Break Building

The 3 break building secrets revealed here took me years to uncover and are available to you in three minutes.

You will learn not only how to make your thinking of the game and making breaks much simpler, but also much easier to remember.

This in turn will help you to apply K.Y.S.S. – Keep Your Snooker Simple!

27.) Cueing Off The Cushion

Frustration is very easy when the cue ball is near the cushion.

This lesson shows you in 1 minute exactly how the professionals use their knuckles, fingers and thumb to best guide their cue…

Bonus: Cueing Off The Cushion Drill

To make best use of the previous lesson, here is an exercise that I still use today to affirm my own cushion play – and that my students get very quick benefit from.

This exercise helps the body learn how to bridge off the cushion so that you can concentrate on playing the shot, not on manipulating your fingers…

28.) Plants

‘He cannot pot a plant!’

How often have you heard this phrase uttered in snooker halls?

Well it will never again be directed toward you as the 3 secrets of potting plants are explained quickly and simply.

Note: This will NOT guarantee that you ‘pot all plants’ in the future as they do carry an extra level of difficulty.

But it will give you the best way to work out how to pot them, and how to know what you should have done if you don’t pot them… hence improving your game every time you play to pot a plant.

29.) Snooker Escapes

The most difficult of shots for players to improve on in my experience is escaping from snookers.

As with plants, the lesson here will NOT guarantee that you escape all snookers in the future as they do carry an extra level of difficulty.

What this will do, though, is give you the most PROBABILITY that you escape from a snooker.

Most players make 3 mistakes that ensure escaping from all snookers is much more difficult than it needs to be.

Are you making one of those 3 errors?… This lesson will tell you.

Bonus: There is also a tip on how to prevent the dreaded ‘miss rule’ from punishing you into giving away over twenty points every time you are snookered.

You will also be able to learn from this whether your opponent is likely to give YOU twenty points when snookered – which might be quite valuable information when you come to the final colours!

30.) Rest Play

The most confusing lesson in snooker for people to work out by themselves is how to use the rest.

The reason for this is that there are usually at least 3 major variables at work at the same time that cannot be separated from each other for you to improve on one of them.

So if we apply that to rolling a dice, the chances of you learning how to use the rest naturally are 6X6X6 (or a 1 in 216 chance!).

This lesson teaches you those 3 main variables – and once you know them you will be amazed at how many club players have mistakes in all three areas.

No wonder they have not been able to play with the rest as easily as they could do yet…

31.) Swerve Shots

Whilst not really necessary, knowing how to swerve to escape snookers (AND ALTER THE TYPE OF CURVE YOU HAVE ON THE CUE BALL!) is immensely satisfying.

That is why I have included it here.



32.) Psychology

I have picked the three topics that I get asked most often in psychology, and given a summary of all my advice on these subjects:



Playing Under Pressure…

33.) Attitude

I have picked the three topics that I get asked most often in psychology, and given a summary of all my advice on these subjects:

Are champions born or made and how does this affect you?

Should we have targets when we play?

Does luck exist, and how can the right answer benefit every part of your game?



34.) Choosing a cue

Whether it is a club cue for the night, or a cue you are considering purchasing… then knowing what to look for can not only prevent maximum frustration but also give you a hidden performance advantage before you even approach the table…

35.) Coaching Myths

Whilst I don’t like imposing dogma/strict rules on players (preferring to help them find their own best way of playing), I do object when I see players applying dogma to their own game that don’t work and in fact hold them back.

I have presented 3 here that will give you a bit more thinking freedom in how you play the game for yourself…

36.) Trick Shots

I have finished with 3 trick shots for you.

Do I explain how they are played?

You will have to wait until you have watched them all!…


As a further bonus for buying this brand new product during launch time now, you will also get these 3 bonus written reports for immediate download as part of your purchase:

These files will be available for a limited time only because they make up part of my flagship 297 product ‘Secret Snooker Skills’.

Here are some samples of the content provided in these bonus written reports.

Simply click on the images to expand them into full size pages (when you click on an image you will get the full screen version to view – you can then press the ‘back button’ to get back to this page)…


Bonus PDF Report 1:

‘The Benefits Of ‘The Finger Tip Exercise’

And How This Can Dramatically Increase Your Ability To Cue Like A Professional And Screw The Cue Ball Back Like A Dream.

Spread across 10 pages, the 17 supporting photographs and explanatory text offer you 7 simple steps to bring these 7 new skills into your game easily and effortlessly:

  • Smoother cueing
  • Cueing at the correct speed for ultimate control (everyone has a slightly different ideal cueing speed which this exercise will help you uncover for yourself)
  • A relaxed cueing arm
  • Playing with LESS physical strength but MORE cueing power – in short, ‘letting the cue do the work’!
  • Increasing the awareness required for straight, accurate, professional cueing.
  • Allowing the conscious mind to get out of the way to allow the cue to move properly.
  • Playing EFFORTLESS screw shots…
  • Click on picture to view full size PDF

booklet1  booklet2  booklet3


Bonus PDF Report 2:

‘How To Video Yourself To Help Your Game’

Including 63 pictures and written descriptions of me demonstrating the 6 major facets of technique:

  • Rest Play Frontal
  • Rest Play Rear View
  • Rest Play Side On
  • Standard Technique Frontal
  • Standard Technique Rear View
  • Standard Technique Side On

The camera viewpoints have been very carefully selected to show clearly with full close up quality all the angles of technique you so rarely see on television.

As a top 100 professional who has made the 147 maximum break, and who has the reputation of a very reliable and solid technique, you can be assured that the clips you are seeing of my own game will help you acquire your very own perfect technique.

bookvid1  bookvid2  bookvid3


Bonus PDF Report 3:

‘The 5 Methods Of Dealing With The Cushions’

17 pages and 52 photographs that explain all you need to know about this part of the game that most of my clients find hardest to easily deal with…

They zone in on the 5 major solutions you need to be able to easily and effortlessly manipulate your body balance and bridging hand to best deal with the sometimes obstructive, but ever present, cushion rails.

The 5 major solutions photographed are:

  • The Chinese Snooker – And How To Best Position Your Body For It
  • Cue Ball At 90% To The Cushion
  • Cue Ball At An Angle To Cushion
  • Stretching At 90% Over A Cushion
  • Stretching At An Angle Over A Cushion

bookcus1  bookcus2  bookcus3


How much is ‘The 123s Of Snooker’?

5 cameramen, 9 technicians, 5 broadcast TV cameras, 4 graphic designers, and 4 hours of my filming time to capture 60 minutes of footage (plus 30 years building up the knowledge!) do not come cheap in producing this DVD video…

But I always try to price my products so that the largest number of people are able to afford them…


Nic BarrowNic Barrow’s 1,000% Satisfaction Guarantee:
If you do not feel that the benefits to your game / the time you saved from finding these answers yourself from this product will be 10 times (1,000%) more than the value of your money & time for buying & using it then please return it for a full refund within 60 days.
Nic Barrow



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