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Snooker Coaching Videos (Online Streaming of the TSG 10 DVDs set)

What if you could instantly access a video answer to any question you had on each aspect of snooker playing and coaching? How would it be if these subjects were covered by 'The World's Most Successful Author Of Snooker Training Materials'?



Snooker Coaching Videos

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Imagine the convenience of having your coach immediately available in your living room or on your computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Think how easy it will be to access full details of any scene in the two content packed Free Training Booklets (75 pages each) included in the 10 Snooker Gym DVD Series...

This DVD set will be injurious to any limitation you may have thought existed in your game - only use if you want to play at the standard you always knew you wanted! 

NOTICE: Only purchase this when you are ready to play to your full potential in every area of your game, easily and effortlessly.


These videos are filmed with cameras USED BY THE BBC, edited with software USED BY THE BBC and put together by an editor that was USED BY THE BBC.

We also spent a fortune on lighting and had two cameramen on the go at all times. The net result was a cost of £12,000 for the whole job that nearly brought the company down in flames, but we REFUSED TO COMPROMISE IN ANY WAY!

In fact, the total production time for this set of videos is as follows:

  • 8 YEARS planning the project.
  • 8 DAYS filming it.
  • 8 MONTHS editing it!

Nic could have earned TEN TIMES MORE MONEY in this time with the business opportunities presented to him than he did in his coaching, but he knew this project HAD NEVER BEEN DONE, simply HAD TO BE DONE, and will NEVER BE DONE again as there is no one obsessed enough to take on a project of this size.

Further, Nic spared NO EXPENSE in hiring the best public speaking coaches money can buy (in one case attending 43 DAYS OF SEMINAR TRAININGS with a trainer who normally charges £10,000 a day) JUST so that you may watch and learn the information in the videos in an accessible, simple and memorable way.

In addition, because over the years Nic has taught every point in the 160 scenes of the DVD set HUNDREDS OF TIMES to his many and varied clients, 80% of all the scenes were captured on film in ONE TAKE, with NO REHEARSAL. This means that you have a very simple and fluent description for all of snooker's fascinating points from someone who knows exactly what you want to hear to get the level of understanding you need.

(The scene that required the most takes was Nic's century break demonstration that he normally would have accomplished in two or three takes. But it was THE LAST SCENE TO BE FILMED, Nic hadn't practiced for nine months, he had just done eight straight days of filming ten hours a day, and it was 3am! Nic had to use ALL his persuasive powers to keep the cameramen on site, sitting on a ladder, holding a heavy camera, UNTIL THE BIRDS WERE SINGING, until finally on the 24th take the century break was captured for all to see!)

The end result is the TV quality production that we know you deserve.

Purchase the TSG Video Series now, and you will get the snooker education of a lifetime that you simply can not get anywhere else.

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Alfie Burden, The 2009 IBSF World Champion  had these kind words to say about Nic and the time they spent together at the event:

"I would not have won the 2009 IBSF World Amateur Championships without Nic Barrow being here with me during the event. He has a massive knowledge of the game, a great ability to spot a players faults, and the keys to solve them. I also found him to be a calming influence who always says the right thing at the right time."
Alfie Burden

Please select the Tabs below to explore contents in each DVD.

Snooker Coaching DVD 1 Details

Basic Technique:

1.) Introduction
2.) The Bridge Hand - Fundamentals You Must Apply
3.) The Bridge Hand - Imperfections You Must Avoid
4.) The Ideal Distance From Bridge Hand To Cue Ball
5.) The Grip Hand – Fundamentals You Must Apply
6.) The Grip Hand – Imperfections You Must Avoid
7.) The Grip Hand – How It Must Behave On The Follow Through
8.) The Stance – The Three Parts To Align For Perfect Balance
9.) The Ideal Gap From Your Cue Shaft To The Cushion

Rest Play:

10.) The Perfect Stance For Using The Rest
11.) The Correct Placement And Balance Of The Upper Body
12.) A Grip Hand For Total Control And Comfort
13.) Demonstration Of Rest Play Secrets
14.) The Most Common Errors – And How To Avoid Them!
15.) A Trade Secret!

Playing The Cue Ball From The Cushion:

16.) How To Easily Play The Cue Ball At Any Distance From A Cushion
16.1) The cushion vision block problem solved in one second
17.) The World’s Fastest Way Of Learning To Play With The Cue Ball Touching The Cushion – Whatever Angle You Are Playing To The Cushion! Applied With Nic’s Shot Scanning Principle
18.) A Professional’s Insight: When Should Your Cueing Be On The Cushion, Or Above The Cushion?
19.) How To Easily Form The American Pool ‘Loop’ Bridge. Playing The ‘Loop’ Bridge From A Cushion For Maximum Effect
19.1) Close up of the main loop bridges used from a cushion
20.) Mastering Cue Control At An Open Angle From The Cushion
21.) Mastering Cue Control At A Closed Angle From The Cushion
22.) Top Tips For Playing The Cue Ball On A Cushion: Key Techniques, Demonstrations & Secrets In Close Up
23.) End Credits

Snooker Coaching DVD 2 Details

Advanced Technique - Obstacles To Basics:

1.) Introduction
2.) Successfully Bridging And Cueing Over An Obstructing Ball
2.1-2.2) Demonstrating bridging and cueing over obstructing balls and cushions
2.3-2.9) Eight successful demonstration shots with the cue ball obstructed by balls or cushions
3.) How To Bridge And Cue Over Eight Obstructing Balls!
4.) Learning How To Play With The Main Accessories, Rests And Extensions
5.) How To Play With The ‘Long Butt’ And ‘Half Butt’ (Or ‘Fishing Tackle’)
6-8.) How To Maintain Complete Control And Balance At All Times. When Your Stance Or Rest Play Are Obstructed By A Cushion

Professional Technique:

9.) How To Pot With The Cue Ball Close To The Object Ball – Demonstrated To Perfection With Nic’s Observe Predict Plan Principle
10.) How To Pot With The Cue Ball Extremely Close To The Object Ball…
10.1-10.2) …And close up demonstrations using side and front on views
11.) How To Pot With The Cue Ball Extremely Close To The Object Ball – Common Sense Explanations That Make Complete Sense
12.) Potting Plants – All The Basic Skills You Will Ever Need
12.1) The secret to potting three ball plants, snooker style
13.) Potting Plants – Advanced Skills: Error Magnification, The ‘Reverse’ Plant, Plant Protocols
14.) End Credits

Snooker Coaching DVD 3 Details

Using Snooker Equipment:

1.) Introduction
2.) Brushing The Table Professionally
3.) Ironing The Table Professionally
4.) Putting A New Bed Cloth On The Table – Very Quickly
5.) An Overview Of The Equipment In Snooker
6.) The Darkest Corners Of The Cue Case -Its Contents And Secrets
7.) General Accessories To Help Your Game
8.) Different Training Balls To Improve Your Game
9.) Other Lesser Known Devices And Gadgets
10.) The Balls Of Different Cue Sports, And How They Can Help Your Snooker
11.) Final Accessories ‘n’ Stuff – Including The Perfect Pocket Sized Tipping Kit
12.) A Trick Shot – Peter Gilchrist’s Seven Cushion Shot
13.) A Trick Shot – The Silky Hanky Shot
14.) The Cue – A Full Description, And Historical Information
15.) The Cue – Is Your Cue Too Short, Perfect Or Too Long?
16-16.2.) How You Can Easily Put A Professional Tip On Your Cue In Twelve Minutes!
16.3.) How you can get used to playing with a brand new tip – in minutes not weeks!
17.) Checking If A Cue Is Straight – The Right Way & The Wrong Way To Do So
18-18.3.) Repairing A Cut In The Table Cloth -Assessment, Preparation, Repair And Finishing

Aiming & Angles:

19.) How To Aim Like The Professionals – The Snooker Shooting Sighting Technique
20.) An Aiming Exercise To Help Your Angle Recognition – Applied By Knowing How To Put Four Ball Perfectly… Every Time
21-21.4.) All The Angles You Need To Know For Potting, And How To Recognize Them Instantly…
22.) The Ultimate Way To Learn Potting Angles – How To Improve Your Aiming With Your Eyes Closed!
23.) How You Can Learn to Aim, AND Play With Side Spin – Within Minutes! Demonstrated Using Nic’s Observe Predict Plan Principle
24.) How To Know If The Ball Will Go In BEFORE You Play It! The Discovery Made Using Nic’s Observe Predict Plan Principle
25.) End Credits

Snooker Coaching DVD 4 Details

Aiming With Side Spin:

1.) Introduction
2.) Side Spin – The Main Situation In Which It Can Help (Rather Than Hinder) Your Game. How To Be A Hero Without Side
3.) The Best Test For Learning How To Aim With Side. Quickly And Simply Learn Both Methods Of Potting Using Side
4.) Side Spin Aiming, Potting With Side, And Swerve Shots. Dramatically Effective Learning Lessons Applied With Nic’s Observe Predict Plan Principle
5.) How To Perfectly Control Swerve Shots – Front View
6.) How To Perfectly Control Swerve Shots – Side View
7.) Learning How To Pot Any Ball With Side Spin
8.) Permission To Fail, License To Win – Experiments In Potting With Side Spin

The Pre & Post Shot Routines:

9.) How To Instantly Know The Right Shot To Play
10.) The Pre Shot Routine: How To Plan It Like The Professionals
11.) The Importance Of Having Complete Balance And Comfort Throughout The Body – And When It Is Most Important To Do So
12-12.1.) The Most Important Technique For Successful Performance That The Greatest Sports People In History Have Always Used
13.) The Pre Shot Routine: How To Remain Perfectly Still When You Get Down On The Shot When You Must And Must NOT Select Your Potting Angle
14.) The Most Important Moment In Snooker – And What The Top Professionals Do At This Time
15.) End Credits

Snooker Coaching DVD 5 Details

Eye Movements:

1.) Introduction
2.) An Essential Eye Exercise That Guarantees Your Head Will Stay Still
3.) What You Must Look At, And When You Must Look At It… As You Get Down To The Shot
4-4.1.) The Three Types Of Eye Movement You Can Use For Aiming
5.) The Four Types Of Eye Movement You Can Use During The Backswing… And The Top Two Professional Choices Among These Four
6.) How To Gain A Totally Smooth And Consistent Backswing Every Time – No Matter What… Send Snatching Or Jerking To The History Books Forever!
7.) How, When And Why To Watch The Cue Ball And Object Balls Like The Best Players In The World

Cueing, Backswing, Pause And Delivery:

8.) The Most Important Cueing Practice In The World – And It Only Takes A Minute To Learn
9.) Cueing, Backswing And Pause: Learn Your Own Ideal In Each
10.) Dramatically Improve Your Cue Power, Aiming And Sidespin
11.) The Backswing: All The Points You Must Know To Backswing Like The Best
12.) The Delivery: Explaining The Ideal Strike Of The Ball
12.1.) Demonstration of the ideal strike that anyone can learn from
13.) Understanding The Physics Of The Perfect Cue Ball Strike
14.) The Best Key Thoughts And Metaphors For The Perfect Cue Ball Strike
15-17.) Develop The Ultimate Delivery… With This Highly Classified Method Only Just Released Into The Public Domain!
18.) End Credits

Snooker Coaching DVD 6 Details

Cue Ball Control:

1.) Introduction
2.) An Introduction To Professional Cue Ball Control
3.) Fundamentals Of Cue Ball Control That You CANNOT Do Without Plus How, When And Why You Must Play The ‘Drag’ Shot
4.) The Side Spin Myth – Dispelled Forever Using The Straight Potting Test
4.1.) The side spin myth dismantled further
5.) The Side Spin Myth – An Invisible Error That Could Prevent You Being Able To Dispel The Myth
6.) The Side Spin Myth – Dispelled Forever With The Angled Pot Test
7-7.1.) The Easiest Way Ever Discovered Of Learning Positional Play – Using Nic’s Shot Scanning Principle
8.) The Fastest Way Ever Discovered Of Learning Positional Play – Using Nic’s Observe Predict Plan Principle
9.) How To Immediately Gain Masterful Control Over Your Screw Shots Plus How To Improve Your Game Within Three Shots!

Break Building:

10.) Understand And Be Able To Apply The Six Most Important Close Range Positional Shots From The Black Off The Spot
11.) The Twelve Main Anchor Shots That Will Give You Perfect Positional Play On The Baulk Colours. These Shots Are Totally Indispensable When Making Clearances.
12.) Putting It All Together: Nic Making A Break Of Exactly 100
13.) End Credits

Snooker Coaching DVD 7 Details

Safety Play:

1.) Introduction
2.) The Easy And Effortless Way To Play Length Of The Table Safety Shots And Bring The Cue Ball Back To Baulk – As Well As Any Player On TV
3.) Understanding Safety Play’s Vital ‘Plan B’
4.) The One In A Thousand Impossible Back To Baulk Safety Shot
5.) Back To Baulk Safety Shots – How To Let The Table Control The Cue Ball
6.) The Break Off Shot – The Fundamentals You Simply Must Understand
6.1-6.11.) The break off shot – ten demonstrations and explanations of the most frequent solutions and errors of snooker’s starting shot
7.) Make Your Safety Shots As Effortless As The Players Who Find It As Easy As 1.2.3… (Clue – These Players Only Use Three Balls)
8.) The Keys To Playing The Match Winning (Or Match Losing) Close Range Roll Up Snooker – A Side On View
9.) Escaping From Snookers – The Foolproof, And Extremely Easy, Way To Ingrain Perfect Snooker Escapes In Your Mind Forever!
10.) Summing Up Safety Play: The three causes of any failed safety shot; The 90% of safety play; The fear barrier in safety

Trick Shots:

11-11.4.) How To Play The Massé Shot – A Demonstration From Four Angles
12.) Peter Gilchrist – Two Time World Professional Billiards Champion, And Nic Barrow Perform A Trick Shot Exhibition
13.) Nic’s Quick Trick Shot Compilation – A Selection Of His Favourites
14.) End Credits

Snooker Coaching DVD 8 Details

Coaching Demonstrations Disc 1:

1.) Main Introduction
2.) Introduction Of Nic’s Client, Friend And Coaching Subject Alfred
3.) The Seven Vital Coaching Methods For Any Session
4.) Nic’s Awareness Feedback Principle: • The Most Natural Way Of Learning Available, And It Lies Within You! • Applied To How To Strike The Cue Ball More Cleanly – Without Effort • Applied To How To Screw The Cue Ball Back Much More Easily
5.) Authoritarian, Neutral And Passive Coaching: • A Coaching Demonstration Of The Differences
6.) Nic’s Awareness Feedback Principle: • Applied To Cueing Much More Smoothly • Applied To Transforming Your Aiming And Cueing Ability
7.) Nic’s Closed Eye Principle: • Applied To Middle Pocket Aiming, And Resulting In… • Seeing Improvement Within Five Shots!
8.) Nic’s Awareness Feedback Principle: • Applied To Completely Mastering Cue Ball Speed Control
9.) Nic’s Awareness Feedback Principle: Bullyment Or Encouragement – Which Is More Effective, And When?
10.) Nic’s Question Reversal Principle: • Applied To Cueing Smoother And Straighter • Turning The Tables On A Question
11.) End Credits

Snooker Coaching DVD 9 Details

Coaching Demonstrations Disc 2:

1.) Introduction
2.) Nic’s Super Comfort Principle & Nic’s Closed Eye Principle: • Applied To Four Key Aspects Of Technique • Any One Of These Four Can Help You In Every Area Of Your Game
3.) Nic’s Super Comfort Principle & Nic’s Closed Eye Principle: • Applied To The Four Fundamentals That Will Make Your Stance Perfect
4.) Rest Play Coaching: • The Seven Key Fundamentals That Will Transform Your Rest Play
5.) Potting A Ball Along A Cushion: • Explaining The One Minute Secret • A Demonstration Of Awareness, Patience, And A Successful Result
6.) Nic’s Deliberate Failure Principle: • Applied To Gaining Mastery On Follow Through, Side Spin And Screw Shots • Learning The Limits, Learning The Possibilities… • And How One Leads To The Other
7.) End Credits

Snooker Coaching DVD 10 Details

The Psychology Of Snooker And Life - An In Depth Interview:

1.) Introduction
2.) Introduction Of Alfred, Who Asks Advice From Nic On The Following Subjects In Snooker And Life…
3.) Technique throughout the different stages of a players career
4.) Concentration
5.) Pressure
6.) Regaining concentration
7.) Confidence
8.) Relaxation
9.) Fitness
10.) Misconceptions about the game
11.) The ideal attitude for the game
12.) Targets
13.) The ‘Zone’
14.) Are champions born or made?
15.) Does luck exist?
16.) The definition of success
17.) The purpose of life
18.) Finding one’s purpose
19.) Transformational lessons from life
20.) End credits

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Nic Barrow


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