Player Of The Year

Have you got what it takes to win this years
The Snooker Gym Player Of The Year Awards?

Split into four categories, the awards offer a chance to everyone:

Please click on each category below to see our 2014 winners:

Up To 40 Break Player

Up to 100 Break Player

100 Break Player

Competitive Player

Designed to reward and recognize ‘Dedication, Persistence, Focus & Effort’, they are open every year to any player who has purchased a product or training session from the website or a TSG certified coach.

The following winner profiles and interviews will give you ideas on how you can build your own game up this year, ready for your December application.

To find out how to enter this year’s competition for The Snooker Gym Player Of The Year, please go to the bottom of the page…

For more information on how to start ‘Improving Your Game, From Every Angle’, I suggest you first start with the free Bronze membership.

You can join by entering your email on the home page of the site here:

The ‘Player’ & ‘Coach’ Of The Year Categories will all receive the same reward:

  • The prestigious title
  • A trophy presented face to face – or by DHL depending on distances involved!
  • One hour Skype time with me (normally almost impossible to organise) – or two hours if you allow the call recording to be shared for the benefit of others. We would discuss your game and your winning experience.
  • Invitation to give feedback on new products under development (subject to signing a confidentiality agreement).

What I am looking for is not necessarily the biggest high break improvement.

More, I am looking for application of the training material, unique ways you may have applied this to your game, dedication, enthusiasm, keeping it simple, and a little bit of obsession with doing what it takes to improve!

All you have to do to make your submission is answer the following 6 questions, when the applications open in December.

  1. What was your highest break before you brought The Snooker Gym product or service?
  2. Which product (eg dvd, book, coaching toy) or service (eg skype /email support, one to one traing day / weekend / week) did you buy?
  3. What knowledge or skill was most useful to you?
  4. How exactly did your game improve this year after learning this knowledge or skill?
  5. How has your experience in the game changed (eg more enjoyment, less frustration, more understanding, better concentration, more consistency, bigger breaks, more wins etc)?
  6. Overall, how would you describe the product or service you brought to your friends?

I hope to see your application for this years award!


Nic Barrow