Perfect Practice Routines


Have You Ever Been At The Table Not Knowing What To Practice?
Would You Like A Collection Of Practices Covering Every Area Of Your Game?

The Biggest Collection Of Practice Routines In Snooker Is Finally Here…

(Available For Instant Download Or As A Book Sent By Post)

“Save years of time with the full collection of snooker practice routines used by the world’s best snooker coaches to help players of all standards in every of your game…”

I have created some samples of these practices for you to have a look at below…

All you need to do is click on each image to see the detailed version. When you have already purchased and downloaded the eBook in PDF format you will be able to view all of the practices in even larger format – even going up to full screen if you wish to inspect the ball positions in more detail or read the instructions more clearly.



The 9 areas of snooker improvement covered in your ‘Perfect Practice Routines’ snooker coaching book are listed below, along with the number of practices contained in each area.

Imagine now the time you could be saving in your game by having instant access now to your ultimate resource of snooker practice techniques and training principles.

  • Brilliant Blacks – 21 practices
  • Perfect Pinks – 18 practices
  • Bionic Blues – 16 practices
  • Creative Colours – 19 practices
  • Blistering Break Building – 23 practices
  • Superb Straight Pots – 15 practices
  • Pin Point Long Pots – 20 practices
  • Sweet Safety Shots – 11 practices
  • Miscellaneous Magic -12 practices
  • Practice Routine Principles – the main ways to get the best out of any routine, and keep them enjoyable too.

Why Listen To Me?

I have been a professional player since 1990 (and scored my first 147 maximum break back in 1991 when I was 21), but it took me many years to understand what worked on the practice table for all the areas of the game, and what did not work.

When I moved into my full time coaching career in 1998, it took me a few more years of trial and error to know what practices to give players of different standards, and HOW to approach those practices in a way that gave the maximum amount of improvement for your valuable minutes on the table.

I always remembered a sports world champion who was interviewed once about his practice – he said his attitude in his practice was to improve 1% per week… I certainly believe that anyone can improve their snooker game this amount with the correct practice.

So How Does All This Help YOU?…

Back in 2005 when I had been Head Snooker Coach of the UAE National Team for 6 years, I eventually felt I had enough experience and knowledge of all the various routines that players should practice (and equally importantly the routines that players should NOT practice).

I had been battling with my graphic designer for OVER 15 MONTHS to get a PERFECT computer rendition of the professional snooker table, and the correct relative dimensions of the balls and pocket angles.

Don’t get me wrong – I paid him on an hourly basis because I know how obsessed I can get when it comes to demanding perfection but I knew that my current and future customers deserved no less!

When the template was ready, I went into my ‘Snooker Practice Routine’ files and pulled out ALL the notes in there. I organised them into the different logical sections of the game, designed and tested some new ones at the club, then began inputting them all into the computer.

After three long weeks I had over 150 snooker routines (in the 9 major areas of snooker shot making) designed and ready…

Since that time it has become my best selling coaching product.

I know if you decide to go ahead now and buy it that you will feel you have a lifetimes worth of snooker gems resting in your hands that you can come back to at any time – whether you are content with a once a week session at the club or if you reach world number one ranking!

The Snooker Gym’s Perfect Practice Routines book contains 155 Practice diagrams,
and 20 pages of detailed instruction on all the principles of effective snooker practice.

The hard copy by post have the table diagrams in black and white to keep costs down (it would cost 300% more money if printed in colour) – you can then take this book to your snooker room or the club.

The eBook copy that you would download now is in full colour and allows you to print out the practices if you want.
This option also gives you the ability to view the practices on your computer, wherever you may be travelling.

Colour eBook version only

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Hard copy (black & white) by post plus colour eBook

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Nic BarrowNic Barrow’s 1,000% Satisfaction Guarantee:
If you do not feel that the benefits to your game / the time you saved from finding these answers yourself from this product will be 10 times (1,000%) more than the value of your money & time for buying & using it then please return it for a full refund within 60 days.
Nic Barrow