Do you ship your products anywhere in the world?

Yes we do! The Snooker Gym has shipped products to over 100 countries, and hope to reach 147 countries soon! If our shopping cart cannot recognise your country’s address, our policy is to communicate with you to take your full address and find a way to get it to you.

Where is my parcel?

While the product is on the way to you, please make sure to watch the online product training videos so that you are familiar with the product before it arrives – which will ensure you have quicker improvement when it arrives.

Ultimate Training Ball and AimFrame delivery: We post these items ourselves within two days of the order being made to the address you gave when making the order. To keep costs reasonable to you, we do not use couriers with these low priced products – although to some regions we do track whether or not the parcel reaches your country. Time from order to delivery for the various regions of the world is:
  • UK: 2-4 working days
  • Europe: 5-7 working days
  • Asia: 8-10 working days
  • Australasia & Americas: 14 working days
Cue Action Trainer delivery: We limit the supply of the Cue Action Trainer, and because of their high value we need to insure their delivery. We usually have one CAT delivery date per year, and will send each one by courier with a tracking number sent to you by email. Time from order to delivery for the various regions of the world is:
  • UK: 2-4 working days
  • Europe: 3-5 working days
  • Asia: 7-10 working days
  • America: 3-10 working days (some remote area will take longer)
  • The Rest Of The World: 10-14 working days

How long does a parcel have to be missing before you send the item again?

To save yourself time, do not email us regarding the whereabouts of the delivery until the time periods mentioned in the ‘Where is my parcel?’ section. After those expected periods have passed, we can examine where the parcel is and help you recover it or claim insurance.

Our Products

Do you have the 10 DVD Series in DVDs format for sale?

We have all the video available – but on an online only format now.This has reduced the price by about half, and means that clients can watch the videos on any device just by logging in to their member area – instead of having to carry the box of DVDs with them.You can buy this from our web shop. Click HERE to go directly to the product page.


How do I join The Snooker Gym's private client group on Facebook?

Continue your journey by going to joining my private online community for paying clients or products or coaching services only…

Welcome to The Snooker Gym family, and join us now HERE

Let me know when you have applied to join, and you MUST email your Facebook name so that I know which of the 100’s of applicants we can let in to the club….

Our vision being to ‘Help 1,000 Players Beat Their Highest Break’

I will be posting in there and facilitating the support between members, offering tips and monitoring the progress of our players where I can…

I have two simple requests….

  1. I can offer a certain amount of support one to one where I can for current coaching clients, but the questions should be posted in The Snooker Gym Community on Facebook rather than email so that everyone can benefit from the answers.
  2. Please write a first post introducing yourself as soon as you are accepted briefly stating: -Where you are from -Your playing background and highest break -Your targets in the gameThen let the fun begin!...

Membership Area

I cannot login

After signup or creating an account with us, you will be able to log into our members area straightaway using the details that you have just created. You will also receive an email with your full login details. These emails very occasionally take up to 15 minutes to be sent to our automated system. If the login email does not arrive within 15 minutes in your inbox or your spam folder, please email us at so that we can resolve the issue for you.

If you already signed up with us but forgot the login details, you can go to ‘Login’ on the top menu bar of the site or click HERE and click the ‘forgot password’.

I have lost my password

You can request a password for your TSG account. On the ‘Login’ page (or click HERE) and you will find a link for ‘forgot password’ (or click HERE to go directly there).Enter the your email address in the password request box. If we have that email address registered on our system, we will immediately email you the password reminder to that address. Please always check your Junk mailbox if you do not receive the email within 10 minutes.

Can I download the videos from the membership area?

No, The Snooker Gym members area offers streaming video only. However, most internet connection speeds (including 3G phone signals) should be enough to view the videos. With a lower speed internet connection, our system will stream slightly lower resolution videos to you – this keeps your cost down if roaming on your mobile signal and ensures the videos have the best chance of playing if you have a slow connection.

Do I have lifetime access to the online video that I have purchase?

The Snooker Gym membership area access to all content for the lifetime of our business and website. If we close either, we will give 12 months notice giving you the opportunity to consume your purchased content as often as you need in that period.

Your Game

How can I improve my game?

The Snooker Gym unique selling proposition is – Improving Your Game, From Every Angle. To find which ‘Angle’ your game most needs for improvement, our HOME page is the best place to go.

How can I get coaching?

For a first class bespoke coaching experience (whether you are a professional person, business owner, frustrated club player, aspiring amateur, or parent of a talented youngster) please visit us HERE

How can I find a practice partner?

The best place to meet playing partners is The Snooker Gym Community on Facebook for TSG paid product or coaching clients where you will find players from many different countries and cities willing to support you and perhaps also play if the geographic distances are close enough. Join us now HERE

Let me know when you have applied to join, and you MUST email your Facebook name so that I know which of the 100’s of applicants we can let in to the club….

Technical Issues

I can't find download the video files you sent me using WeTransfer.

If I am sending you video files, after your training session for example, there will be an email with a download link in your inbox or in your spam email box within 24 hours of your session taking place.