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Have you got what it takes to win this years
The Snooker Gym Coach Of The Year Award?

Designed to reward and recognize ‘Dedication, Persistence, Focus & Effort’, this award is open to the over 100 snooker coaches certified by The Snooker Gym around the world.

You have an equal right to apply for the award whether you are a level 1, 2, 3 or 4 certified coach.

The following winner profile will give you ideas on how you can build your own coaching business up this year, ready for your December application.

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The 1st Snooker Gym Coach Of The Year,
Category – Worldwide:

Chris Small –
Professional Ranking Tournament Winner

Photo. Rob Matthews 08.10.2002 LG Cup Snooker. Preston Guild Hall. Chris Small.
Photo. Rob Matthews
LG Cup Snooker. Preston Guild Hall.
Chris Small.

chris small pic
To download the Chris Small Winner’s Interview with Nic Barrow, click here.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • How Chris started his coaching career
  • How he built his business
  • What traits Chris brought from his playing career into his coaching career
  • What difficulties he overcame in making a successfull coaching business
  • What coaching methods best work for his students
  • The difference between working with beginners, amateurs and professionals
  • How his struggle with getting good at using the rest, has been put to great use for the benefit of his students
  • What you should practice as a professional – and the lessons that players of any standard can learn from this
  • Chris’s philosophy on what a student should take away from any lesson
  • And finally, a summary of the full range of player standards that Chris can work wtih… and how you can contact him

Here are the main reasons Chris was chosen to win this year’s award:

What he did to improve:

  • Picked himself up – after having to end his playing career through a back condition, Chris ‘got back on the horse’ and ‘took the bull by the horns’ in this new challenge.
  • Complete and total dedication – Chris’ attitude very clearly was from the beginning: “I am going to make this happen and that is the end of it.”
  • Complete and total determination – more than any other player I have ever met, Chris embodies this quality. He is the Ronnie O’Sullivan of determination.
  • Humility – as one of the world’s best players, Chris could easily have brushed off the need for any advice. However, he got completely stuck in to the task and operated from ‘student mode’ throughout – which maximised his chances of getting where he wanted to go.
  • Procrastination buster – Chris blasted through dozens of technical hurdles to get his website up, camera equipment working, and social media strategy in place.
  • Chris Small is an example to every person in the snooker community who wants to achieve something.

How he improved:

  • Within the year, Chris had done the following:
  • Build up, from zero, a successful small coaching business. Repeating the same things for another year will make it a big business.
  • Got fluent in the coaching skills required to grow his business, get repeat sessions with players, and ultimately referrals.

The ‘Player’ & ‘Coach’ Of The Year Categories will all receive the same reward:

  • The prestigious title
  • A trophy presented face to face – or by DHL depending on distances involved!
  • One hour Skype time with me (normally almost impossible to organise) – or two hours if you allow the call recording to be shared for the benefit of others. We would discuss your game and your winning experience.
  • Invitation to give feedback on new products under development (subject to signing a confidentiality agreement).

What I am looking for is not necessarily the busiest or the highest profile coach.

More, I am looking for application of the coaching material, unique ways you may have applied this to your coaching as well as your dedication, enthusiasm, keeping it simple, and a little bit of obsession with doing what it takes to improve your business!

All you have to do to make your submission is provide your coaching activity profile for the year, which will be considered individually.

I hope to see your application for this years award!


Nic Barrow