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The Snooker Gym Coach Certification Programme

Build your technical knowledge, coaching skills, and business building ability with over 100 TSG certified coaches across the world....
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Coach Training - Tehran, Iran


Master Coach Training - Auckland, New Zealand

Examiner Training - England, UK

Examiner Training - England, UK

The Role Of Coaching In Snooker…

The Skills Required For…


TSG Accredited Coach - Level 1: 2 Days

Suitable for:

Community leaders, school teachers, interested parents, snooker club staff & managers who are not deeply familiar with the game but would like to help junior and senior players improve.

Pre course study includes:

  • ‘How To Make A 100 Break’ Red To Black Player Certification system.
  • Written exam, course manual.

Course covers:

  • A thorough overview and comprehension test for all the main snooker knowledge and skills required for players to go from zero to 100 break standard.
  • Ability to help players improve much more quickly than before.
  • Remove uncertainty that you are not giving correct information to a player.

Cost: £695

TSG Accredited Advanced Coach - Level 2: 2 Days

Suitable for:

TSG Level 1 Coaches and players, referees, tournament organisers with some experience of the game who would like to formalize their knowledge into a meaningful qualification, enabling them to earn money from their new snooker coaching business.

Pre course study includes:

‘How To Make A 100 Break’ Red To Black Player Certification system. The Snooker Gym DVD Series - 10 DVDs and two manuals. Written exam, course manual.

Course covers:

  • In depth knowledge of the Technique, Psychology and Strategy of snooker.
  • Use the ‘How To Make A 100 Break’ certificate system for juniors & adults.
  • Diagnose simply & exactly what a player needs to solve problems & improve.
  • Help players improve their game with no negative side effects.
  • How to help ANY player you work with get happy with their cue tip.
  • The ‘new coach starter kit’ to set up junior schools at a national or international level.
  • The difference between the three main styles of coaching, and when to use each one.
  • The differences in coaching the four main categories of player.
  • The four vital elements of any coaching session, and what order to place them in.
  • The five checks you must make in your first session with a client that will save hours.
  • The Snooker Gym ‘Perfect Lesson Process Map’ - will give you bullet proof confidence.
  • A formal signed certificate and ‘Code Of Ethics’ document from your IBSF Examiner that you can proudly display anywhere, whether that be home, club or web site.

Cost: £895

TSG Accredited Master Coach - Level 3: 2 Days

Suitable for:

TSG Level 2 Coaches who want to progress their knowledge of the game, coaching skills, ability to work with higher standard players including top professionals, techniques to expand their own coaching business, and status in the game.

Pre course study includes:

The Snooker Gym Training Guide Series - comprising 9 books. Master Coach video content captured at a previous training. Written exam, course manual.

Course covers:

  • In depth application of Coaching Principles, Knowing Your Player and running a successful coaching business.
  • Total knowledge of the Technique, Psychology and Strategy of snooker.
  • Use Dartfish Video Analysis -
The Snooker Gym Ltd were the first to use video analysis in snooker coaching.
  • Knowing what not to say or work on with players at tournaments.
  • Advanced coaching techniques.
  • The psychology of playing
  • How to coach professional players.
  • Running a successful coaching business.
  • How to solve ‘impossible’ snooker problems (they are usually very easy to deal with!)
  • The basic structure of ‘Flow’ (or of being in ‘The Zone/ peak concentration’) in snooker.
  • Turbo powered learning methods for technique & cue action that have been tested on thousands of players (for this, you will need to practice hiding your amazement from players at the speed of improvement they will sometimes show you).
  • Three counter-intuitive coaching methods for ultra fast results.
  • Learn the hidden positive intention behind most snooker player problems - and how to effortlessly deal with these to the player’s advantage.
  • How to dismantle irrational arguments and belief loops in your player - without them even know you have done it!
  • Powerful rapport building techniques using your body and words which give your player the trust for you to take them where they need to go in their game. Without these, players will often strongly resist what you tell them - even if it is ‘good for them’.
  • When NOT to take on clients.

Cost: £1295

Price for all three courses individually:
£695 + £895 + £1295 = £2885
Price for all three courses together:

Course prices include:

  • All purchase and shipping of pre course study materials, examination papers, course materials, certificates & stickers.
  • These prices DO NOT include flight, accommodation, travel or meal costs.
  • A deposit is required to release the pre course study materials, which should be received between 4 and 8 weeks before your course date.
  • Course payment must be made in full one month before the course begins.

In course requirements:

  • Successfully complete all the exercises set by your examiner
  • Pass subjective observation test by examiner
  • Score 100% on the handwritten examination


  • Our intention is to stay with you until you fully understand and complete all exercises and examination questions correctly no matter how long it takes.
  • We accept you into the course because we believe you are capable of completing all the exercises, questions & tests after we read your application.
  • Our goal is a 100% pass rate with our students. However, sometimes a student will need extra support.
  • If you do not pass the exams or tests during the course, we will offer you at no extra charge a guided probation period with exercises and tasks to get you to the required level before issuing your certificate.

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Look at what some of our previous clients have said about the courses they have attended:

"Out of all the business and management courses I have taken, your Master Coach seminar is the best I have ever attended."

Michael Kreuziger
Michael Kreuziger Vienna, Austria

"The TSG Coach & Master Coach Seminars I attended were simply perfect and told me everything I needed to know about being a top flight coach. Thank you Nic and thankyou to the TSG Coaching Academy."

Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali Bahrain Head Snooker Coach