Coach Examiner

IBSF Snooker Coach Examiner Application

The IBSF Coach Examiner Programme is available by invitation only.

It is held once annually in January.

It is exclusively reserved for coaches who have passed the IBSF Master Coach certification, and demonstrate the requisite skills to train other coaches to the very highest standards.

As pre course study for the IBSF Coach Examiner course:

You are required to read a small number of specified books, revise certain modules from the IBSF Master Coach course, and demonstrate your ability during the course to instruct these points to others.

You receive this information immediately upon payment, which must be at least one full month prior to your IBSF Coach Examiner training.

TSG Accredited Coach Examiner

Suitable for:

TSG Level 3 Master Coaches who want to train other coaches to the highest standard in their own country or across the world.

Course duration:

Attending an TSG Coach training in the role of co-trainer, student and assistant to lead trainer.

Pre course study includes:

Review schedule of all previous study materials.

Course materials include:

Course manual. Examiner’s manual & notes.

Cost: (Please contact Nic for info)

*** This course is by invitation only, and offered to only the most experienced coaches. ***

Course prices include:

  • All purchase and shipping of pre course study materials, examination papers, course materials, certificates & stickers.
  • These prices DO NOT include flight, accommodation, travel or meal costs.
  • A deposit is required to release the pre course study materials, which should be received between 4 and 8 weeks before your course date.
  • Course payment must be made in full one month before the course begins.

In course requirements:

  • Successfully complete all the exercises set by your examiner
  • Pass subjective observation test by examiner
  • Score 100% on the handwritten examination


  • Our intention is to stay with you until you fully understand and complete all exercises and examination questions correctly no matter how long it takes.
  • We accept you into the course because we believe you are capable of completing all the exercises, questions & tests after we read your application.
  • Our goal is a 100% pass rate with our students. However, sometimes a student will need extra support.
  • If you do not pass the exams or tests during the course, we will offer you at no extra charge a guided probation period with exercises and tasks to get you to the required level before issuing your certificate.

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