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  • How ‘Positive Thinking’ Can Cause You To Stop Making Breaks! 6 days ago

    After getting a solid technique together, a big barrier for players at the 40-60 break level he process of staying down on the shot, getting good results, and then letting the mind get carried away with the thought ‘I am playing really well now’ to the degree that you miss the shot! The key is…

  • How Can I Get Out Of A Rut? 2 weeks ago

    Many players ask me how to get out of a snooker rut. One of the most frustrating experiences in the game, I have a couple of standard responses that have helped people over the years. Think about what you want, not about what you dont want. Your inner dialogue must be TOWARDS a target eg…

  • Welcome To The Brand New TSG Website And Our Blog! 3 weeks ago

    Welcome To The Brand New TSG Website And Our Blog! Over a year in the making, and at great expense, we have built a more modern site and a membership area which is much easier to use – and which features the ability to track your progress through the various courses we offer. The Home…


  1. Hello Nic. Well done on the website. I think it needed an update although I know you are a very very busy man! Looks much better than the old one. I hope you are well. I am in the process of changing my website too although I haven’t got quite as much money to put into it as you. Take care and I will see you soon I am sure. Well done!

    1. Hi Gavin,
      Thank you so much for the comment. I spent over a year with this website. My wife was the one who built it.
      Hope we can speak soon,
      Ps, How’s Katie Price??

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